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Jenny’s Wedding Posters and Wedding Stills

I just added one movie still and three posters from Alexis movie with Katherine Heigl called Jenny’s Wedding. Alexis character is called Kitty. Summary of the movie:

Jenny Farrell is the only one her siblings in the family who has yet to marry; facing concern and pressure from her parents and siblings to find someone. Jenny tired of trying to be setup and gossip lashes back at her sister, Anne that for all she knew she could be in a relationship. Anne speculates that she must be seeing a married man since she has never brought the person home. Jenny admits to her father she has found the right person and does want to get married, but doesn’t know if there is a wedding in the near future. Later, she clarifies to her relieved mother that she is not involved with a married man. Jenny’s father tells her mother that the man she is seeing is not willing to commit, leading them to conclude he must be married and the reason for her secretive ways. Jenny desire to be married and raise a family sparks her to pop the question herself. Now, Jenny must tell her parents that she has been in a relationship for 5 years and kept it secret for fear they wouldn’t approve. Jenny confides to her parents her future spouse is someone who they have known for many years and has been close to the family. Jenny’s revelation changes the Farrell family’s traditional Midwestern life forever and threatens to tear their family apart if they let it.

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Alexis Out and About in Los Angeles

On April 23rd, Alexis was seen in LA out and about. We have the images on our gallery and please don’t hesitate and check them out!

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Set Pictures of Gilmore Girls: Seasons added

I just added set pictures of Gilmore Girl: Seasons to our gallery and it is looking perfect! It’s exactly like a trip back to memory lane for the cast and for us fans. Please don’t hesitate and visit our gallery to check the pictures using the link below.

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Alexis and Lauren Graham on 2016 World’s Most Beautiful

Alexis and Lauren Graham are both featured in this years magazine of PEOPLE: 2016 World’s Most Beautiful. When interviewed, “Alexis hasn’t started aging yet,” Graham, 49, jokes with PEOPLE in its World’s Most Beautiful special issue.

“I certainly have!” retorts Bledel, 34, with a smile. (Source)

We have one tagged photo of the shoot for the magazine on our gallery for you guys to check it out. Hopefully more will come! Stay tuned!

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Gilmore Girls: Seasons is being sued!

Gilmore Girls: Seasons is being sued by Gavin Polone, a producer from the original show. But exactly why? Because Polone still thinks has a case for any future shows with these characters. Polone is suing Warner Bros. Television, claiming they owe him nearly $200,000 in compensation for the Gilmore Girls Revival Event Series. Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.

Under Gavin Polone’s original “Operative Agreement” with Warner Bros. Television, the producer is entitled to $32,500 for each original episode of Gilmore Girls, produced after the year 2003. He is also entitled to a specific percentage of the Modified Adjusted Gross,” along with the Executive Producer credit in front of every episode. The lawsuit claims the producer is owed $195,000 for the four 90-minute episodes, at an adjusted rate of $48,750 per-episode, one and a half times the agreed-upon rate, since the episodes are 90 minutes long when the original episodes were 60 minutes long.

Gavin Polone’s lawsuit does not name Netflix as a defendant, and the producer is not trying to stop production on the revival series. (Source)

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